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    On-Page And Off-Page SEO Is The Best Long-Term Strategy When Trying To Acquire Targeted Traffic To Your Website.

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    Local Organic SEO

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another way one can market their website or business online.

    The Benefit To SEO Over A Paid Placement Campaign Like Google Adwords or Banner Ads Is That It’s Essentially Free.

    Yes, free targeted traffic and free targeted leads to your website. The free placement is given to websites which Google and the other search engines deem as being the most relevant to put onto the first page of the search engine’s results after a keyword or phrase is entered.

    What does this mean for your business? To put it into perspective, let’s say that you own a plumbing company in Long Beach. And there are 500 searches per month for “long beach plumbers” in Google. If your website appears on the first page of Google after a search for that phrase is performed (the higher up on the page the better), your website will naturally receive your share of those 500 searches per month.

    This Translates To Free Leads And Cost-Free Advertising.

    So how does Google know who’s site is more relevant than others? Well, since there is competition in all of the niches on the internet; local business or otherwise; there are undoubtedly many competitors out there trying to get leads from the web. Fundamentally, SEO is the process of making a website appear relevant for whichever keywords/phrases you choose.

    There are many factors which go into SEO including “on-page SEO” and “off-page SEO” and a variety of other things. SEO is the best long-term strategy when trying to acquire targeted traffic to your website. It’s not uncommon to hear about corporations who pay search engine optimization companies hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to get their website to appear on Page 1 of the search engines.

    Who Wouldn’t Want Free Targeted Traffic To Their Site?

    Here at RTS Website Design we offer professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for all levels of business. Our techniques are always “white hat” which means we do not spam your website around the Internet, and our team of SEO optimization specialists are constantly keeping up with the latest changes online. This includes some of the most well-known and publicized Google algorithm changes like the Panda and Penguin updates.

    We At RTS Website Design Always Put Integrity First By Making Sure We Never Use Old Or Out-Of-Date Techniques When Optimizing Our Client’s Websites.

    Whether you’re the local plumber in the city or a national brand trying to rank for nationwide results, we offer affordable SEO and internet marketing solutions to fit any budget. Many of our satisfied customers are enjoying the financial rewards of their businesses being on the first page of Google.

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  • Website (SEO) is the best long-term strategy when trying to acquire targeted traffic to your website. We offer services that grow traffic and increase revenue.