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    We Create Social Media Marketing or (SMM) Content That Is Interesting And Drives Results.

    Social Media Marketing

    Between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others, keeping up with your business’ social media marketing can be exhausting. When it comes to your social media, you need someone who understands your brand, your voice, and how you want your customers to interact with your business.

    RTS Website Design offers different types of Social Media Marketing from simple to aggressive. Please let us know what you would like to accomplish so that we can design a program specifically for you to potentially reach your goals!

    “With the right applied customized program you can achieve your internet goals.”

    All Social Media Marketing Campaigns are custom to each unique business and business goals. All Social Media Marketing Campaigns require an initial setup and retainer fee (price depends on keyword competition) and a monthly fee to get you dominating Google. This will target your top keyword phrases. There is no contract and you are free to cancel at any time.

    Social Media Marketing is more important than ever. We’ll help you create a social campaign that will increase traffic, promote your brand and increase your presence in the marketplace using the most popular networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter provide a great way to stay engaged with clients, build a community of users, increase brand awareness and upsell your products or services. Social Media Marketing is also a great way to offer special deals and promotions in real time to attract new customers and more traffic to your website.

    As search engines (including Google+, Yahoo, Bing and Yelp) incorporate social data on results pages, the comments and social shares your content ignites can be critical to catching clicks.

    Plus, compelling content on social sites magnifies inbound links. Social media marketing doesn’t just gain followers; it shares your brand’s message which increases visitors to your site, in turn generating new customers and referrals.

    Since no two companies are alike, we offer customized social media packages for each of our clients based on their unique needs. Call us and will go over your business goals and current social media initiatives. Next, we create a strategy to get your social media efforts off the ground. We can also leverage your existing social media campaigns and take them to the next level.

    Social Media Marketing consists of marketing and strategically creating customer/interest bases on various social platforms. The most common platforms are of course Facebook and Twitter. New social media platforms appear all of the time and some of them take hold rather quickly. Did you know that Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites ever created?

    Did you also know that you can profit from all of these platforms and more?

    Our social media team members are experts in marketing socially and know all of the latest and most advanced tips and tricks to keep your website or business ahead of the curve in amazing ways.

    As an example: we recommended to one of our most recent clients’ that they have a Facebook account which they interestingly had never even used before. We explained how important it was for the social interaction as well as the SEO value. He hesitated, got nervous… then just did it!

    Within A Couple Of Days He Had Connected To About 10 Friends And Got His Very First Client Through Facebook.

    A good friend of his had forgotten what business our client was involved in until he saw his website on Facebook and in turn, referred our client to the owner of his company.

    Another client who’s business we connected socially had great results within a couple of weeks and saw an increase in business and requests for their landscaping services using the same process. A little information can go a long way.

    Keeping up with Facebook and Twitter is time consuming but it is very necessary to keep your customers informed and up to date on the latest services or products you are offering. Keeping your customer or interest base informed on a regular basis will keep you on the top of their mind when they need your services.

    It Can Even Help Your Website Rank Higher In The Search Engines Like Google, Yahoo And Bing.

    When you have an informative social media page with regular updates you will have clients coming back to you time and time again. Let’s face it … we’re all connected nowadays. You may as well take advantage of those connections and build a business that is ahead of your competitors. Give us a call or send us a message now so we can help you get connected and get results!

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  • Generate high-converting leads and increase sales. We create social media marketing or (SMM) content that is interesting and drives results.