• WordPress vs. Wix: The top two website builders differ significantly in their features and SEO capabilities


    Wix offers a comprehensive website building solution that includes drag-and-drop functionality, web hosting, marketing tools, and domain name services. On the other hand, WordPress is a free and open-source content management system(CMS). This comparison between Wix and WordPress aims to highlight their major distinctions and assist you in selecting the most suitable option.

    Ease of Use

    Wix makes building a website easy and intuitive. Here’s how:


    • Wix has an industry-leading drag and drop website builder. No coding skills or development experience required
    • Wix handles hosting and SSL certificates, which makes it simple to get started
    • Wix has advanced features but is user-friendly even for those with no coding skills
    • Create your Wix site manually or let its AI technology build your site for you
    • Choose from over 900 designer-made templates with built-in apps and widgets
    • Each page element has customization options that appear at the click of a button
    • The Wix help button is featured directly on most elements
    • Wix has a quick signup process—just fill in your email and start for free


    • You can not move you site off the Wix’s platform
    • Slow loading times
    • Limited on SEO options
    • No external third party apps or plugins
    • Limited design and css options
    • Limitations to its flexibility like the inability to change your template once you build your site
    • GoDaddy/Extreme Hosting is a much quicker solution, and offers better site speed and value for money than Wix
    • WordPress is more customizable than Wix. WordPress allows full control over every aspect of your website

    Is it better to make your own website or use Wix?

    In Conclusion:

    Wix Website

    Wix – You will have the choice between two domain options: either utilize the complimentary Wix.com domain or link to your own personalized domain. Opting for a custom domain name (such as www.london-flowers.com) will require a subscription to one of the premium plans.

    Wix is recognized for its user-friendly interface. While seasoned HTML and CSS programmers may find it easy to navigate through the WordPress interface, those without a background in web development are likely to find Wix the most suitable solution.

    Design Options – Easily create a Wix site with its extensive range of features and customization options. Utilize their AI technology to have the site built for you, or choose from 900 customizable templates to build from scratch. Additionally, Wix offers a Logo Maker to quickly create a stunning logo. The Wix App Market Place provides numerous apps, widgets, and add-ons for seamless integration, setting it apart from other site-building platforms. Tailored marketing tools and dedicated features cater to specific business types. Manage your site on the go with the Wix Owner mobile app.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Utilizing Wix’s comprehensive array of integrated SEO features, you can effectively enhance your website’s visibility to search engines, resulting in a boost in organic traffic. This includes the ability to streamline 301 redirects in bulk, instantly index your homepage on Google, integrate with Google Business Profile, and more. Additionally, you can easily personalize meta tags and structured data markup across multiple pages of similar types simultaneously. With Wix’s robust technical SEO infrastructure already in place for every site, you can dedicate your efforts to expanding your business.

    Bottom line: For beginners, it’s a no brainer: Wix is way more fun and easy when building a beautiful website. That said, techies and coders might find WordPress more flexible.

    WordPress Website

    WordPress – WordPress is a user-friendly open-source content management system, but it’s not the most straightforward option for publishing websites. Creating a WordPress site isn’t simple and requires some knowledge of integrating various elements. You must buy a web host and domain name (GoDaddy and Extreme hosting are common choices) and then install WordPress on your hosting server. Additionally, you need to handle maintenance tasks like system updates and backups manually since they aren’t automated in WordPress. However, hosting with Extreme (server are with GoDaddy) all maintenance is included.

    To establish a significant online presence, opt for a custom website design over Wix. While the initial investment may be higher, the overall long-term expenses are comparable, and the benefits of a custom website design far outweigh those of Wix. Discover why we advocate for custom websites and choose the option that aligns best with your business needs.

    Design Options – When you’re working on your website in WordPress, the changes you make to the front-end design won’t be immediately visible. This means that having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS is necessary to personalize your selected theme. If you lack coding skills, making edits to your site could negatively impact its appearance to visitors. While switching from one WordPress theme to another isn’t overly difficult, it may not always fully meet your requirements – often requiring some code adjustments to achieve the desired look and functionality for your website.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – WordPress is known for its strong SEO capabilities, making it easy to optimize websites built on the platform for search engine indexing. By adjusting technical settings such as website name, tagline, heading tags, URL structure, and image alt tags, as well as utilizing available SEO plugins, users can effectively customize SEO titles, meta descriptions, and social sharing content for all pages and posts.

    Bottom line: For beginners, it’s a no brainer: Wix is way more fun and easy when building a beautiful website. That said, techies and coders might find WordPress more flexible.

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