Difficult navigation and poorly optimized streaming content are some of the reasons why frustrated users don’t return to websites. Our consultants work with your team to identify, organize, and logically display streaming media with tools and interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate for multimedia development.

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Multimedia Development Tools


Adobe Flash
Featuring support for vector and raster graphics, a scripting language called ActionScript and bi-directional streaming of audio and video. Adobe Flash is the industry leading platform for multimedia development: high impact streaming video, audio and web applications.


The Moving Picture Experts Group or MPEG is a working group of ISO/IEC charged with the development of video and audio encoding standards.


Read Media
RealMedia is a multimedia container format created by RealNetworks.


Windows Media
Windows Media is a multimedia framework for media creation and distribution for Microsoft Windows. It consists of a software development kit with several application programming interfaces and a number of prebuilt technologies.


QuickTime is a multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc. capable of handling various formats of digital video, media clips, sound, text, animation, music, and several types of interactive panoramic images.